When The Bags Are Unpacked

Arriving and unpacking your bags is the first exciting step.  What follows is usually called the “honeymoon phase”.  It is that exciting time when you are taking in the new sights, seeing all the positives around you.  Even thinking of this phase brings back wonderful memories of the big moves that I made in my life. 

After a time of experiencing this ‘high point’, the reality of the daily life usually starts to set it.  This can bring on some opportunities to feel down – to start missing your favorite cafe, a dear friend, a certain way you used to go about your day, your job, or other favorite activity.  Depending on circumstances and stressors that are a part of your life now, this low phase can get extended further than you might expect.  It can be a very lonely experience.

Even though it may feel that this is happening ‘to you’ and the forces are outside of your control, I would suggest placing yourself into the driver’s seat with the help of some useful practical activities. 

Let’s talk about some practical activities that will let you navigate the low times.

1. Unplug from Social Media

This would be the first challenge – as soon as you are hitting the low, take yourself away from the impact comparison can have on us.  I believe that comparison in itself is a very strong indicator that the potential is not tapped, that the desires are not fully realized.  This can be a trail to follow.  I would recommend taking note of the images that trigger comparison so you could consider the values that those images represent to you.  These thoughts can serve you later but try not to place too much value on them at the moment – a little distance will serve well at this time.  
I have seen a lot of change in my personal view of social media once I have taken a few sabbaticals from it.  It has become much more of a tool that I use to support my purposes now, rather than entertainment that I view without curating the sources.  I am much more diligent in selecting the groups I follow, profiles that I add to the feed.  All of the profiles that are my personal connections are grouped separately, so I could engage on a more personal level. 

2. Create a Calendar of Important Events

Take a full year’s calendar and mark all dates that carry significant meaning to you personally.  Start with the closest circle and expand out – you, your family, your relatives, your friends, important contacts, holidays, and celebrations that you honor.  The trick is to not wait for those days to arrive to engulf you in the emotions – feeling like you are missing out, wanting to be teleported to live through the celebration with your friends or relatives.  By being one step ahead you will allow yourself to be a part of those important days.  Go ahead and prepare the postcards and little gifts that can be mailed or emailed just in time for the special day.

3. Write Real Letters

Take the time to write a letter the old-fashioned way.  There is something very special about getting a ‘real’ letter in the mail these days.  This is a very ‘grounding’ experience – both for the author and the person on the receiving end.   If you are not feeling like pouring out on paper in a letter then look around you – is there a card or even a page from a newspaper or a magazine that you can decorate with a personal inscription before getting sent on the way?
The purpose of this activity is to initiate, to send the energy out – to be a creator. 

4. Pre-address envelopes

Prepare some envelopes ahead of time to last you through the year.   Making these available will help you skip the steps of needing to recreate one when you feel inspired to write a card or send a note to a friend.  This has been tested and proven to work really well.  You can even take this further and create whole stationery with return labels, notes, cards, envelopes, and a few favorite pens.  Just don’t get caught up in the preparation stage – you really want to see yourself placing those letters into the mailbox. 

5. Make “A Day in the Life of…” Video

Use your phone to record a video in the spirit of “A Day in the Life of…” 
You don’t really need to share it but it might also be a fun way of sharing your present life.  There are some useful apps that do not require a big learning curve to create great-looking short videos.  Use your phone to access Google store or Apps on an iOs device and search for ‘video’ to find the latest best apps.

 These are a few ideas to help you navigate this season.  You can see that all of these activities allow you to initiate, create, and make. My hope is that you take on the attitude of the hero of your story.   I will continue expanding on the resources, tools, topics.  The best way is to subscribe to receive updates by email and new videos on my Youtube channel.

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